Square Life Round World

I'm navigating through this round world while living a square life, and it fits exactly as it should.


Do you ever feel like a square peg in a round hole that’s just never going to fit? Don’t we all? Well, luckily we do fit. We all fit in this world exactly as we should. 

I’m Melanie, and I’m sharing with you my journey as I navigate through this round world while living a square life. Why a square life? I’m a never-married, forty-something with no kids living in a world where most women my age possess the identity of wife and mother. What that means to me is that I often feel left out, left out of school parties, left out of field trips and overlooked by brands who are only interested in the spending power of moms. 

At the same time, my life is exactly as it should be. True, I’m often envious of the lives my mommy friends live, but I’m also thankful for my own. For every school party I miss, there’s a happy hour with a seat for me. For every field trip I don’t get to chaperone, there’s a girls weekend trip. 

Life, no matter the shape it takes, is full of moments worth sharing and remembering. Follow along as I share mine with you. 


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