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Breakfast the Most Important Meal of the Day

I cringe when I hear people say they don’t eat breakfast.  For me, breakfast sets the stage for how I’m going to feel the rest of the day.  If I eat poorly, I’m going to feel bad all day.  You know the tired, dragging feeling I’m talking about.  If I eat correctly, I will usually have plenty of energy to sustain me.  Also, I am more likely to make proper food choices for the remainder of the day if I start the day off right.  But what exactly is eating correctly?

After almost an entire lifetime of dieting and trying different “food formulas” the one thing I’ve taken away from all that is what a good breakfast is for me.  It’s a balance of protein and carbs and consists of three things.  I’ll have a protein item like fat free yogurt, a hard boiled egg or a piece of cheese (about 1 ounce).  I’ll also have a fruit, usually an apple or a banana or sometimes berries to go in my yogurt.  Finally, I’ll add an entree like a granola bar, granola if I’m having yogurt, or oatmeal.  I also read lables and try to make sure my entree has a decent amount of protein as well.  Since I run and walk quite a bit, I like to sneak in as much protein as possible so my muscles have something to build with as I’m working out. 

This has been a great formula for many years for me but recently I realized I wasn’t getting enough fiber.  I’ll spare you the story of how I realized this.  You’re welcome.  In doing my research I found out that most women don’t get enough fiber.  As if they could read my mind, Bzz Agent contacted me about participating in their Fiber One Meal Bars campaign.  They sent me two boxes of Fiber One Meal Bars to try, chocolate peanut butter and strawberry greek yogurt. 

Fiber One Meal Bars

Fiber One Meal Bars

Yum!  I immediately knew these meal bars would become my breakfast entree.  When I got the boxes, I was drawn to the 10 grams of protein just as much as the 9 grams of fiber.  I was pretty much sold on them when I tasted them.  They are both delicous but the strawberry greek yogurt is my absolute favorite!  I love the convenience of them, too.  I usually pop one in my handbag to either eat on the way to work or at my desk when I get to work. 

Fiber One Meal Bars are great for on the go.

Fiber One Meal Bars are great for on the go.

In case you are wondering, I have found the added fiber to be helpful as well.  I only have one bar left of the free ones they sent me, and I will definitely be buying more this weekend!

Disclosure:  I received free products and coupons because I’m a Bzz Agent.  All opinions are my own, as always.

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