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Getting Back on Track

on June 22, 2013

In a few weeks, I’ll be officially beginning my training for my fall race schedule. I have a pretty ambitious season planned, with 3 half marathons by the end of the year, a fall road race series consisting of 10 separate races of various distances from a 5k to a half marathon (in addition to the other 3), and a 10-week women’s program. I’m having just a little trouble getting back into the swing of things, though.

I’m still doing some exercising and running each week, though not as consistently as in the past. I still feel very close to my peak fitness level. I didn’t gain any weight in the off-season. I didn’t even gain any weight on my cruise. Yet, still, I’m having a very hard time getting back into my normal fitness and diet routine. I wanted to be back into my good habits before my official training begins, but with only 2 more weeks to go, it’s looking like that’s not going to happen. Last year at this time, I had no trouble hopping out of bed at 4:30 am to run. This year, I’m reminded of just how much I love sleep, and my bed just wants me to stay in it.

I am feeling very frustrated with myself, and that’s just not acceptable. I need some additional accountability. So, for the next week, I’m afraid you all are going to have to put up with posts about my workouts and food intake. For 1 week, I will be blogging daily about exactly what I ate, when I ate it, and what physical activity I did. It takes 30 days to make or break a habit so after a week, I hope to be well on my way to being back on track. I’m also hoping to get some positive feedback from you, my readers, that I can use as motivation. Please follow along and feel free to add any input or training suggestions. Last year was about just doing it and finishing. I want this year to be about being the very best I can be.

What do you do to get yourself out of a slump?

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