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Worn Out Running Shoes

on October 27, 2013

Ouch!  On Friday I went for my last long run before my upcoming Wine and Dine Half Marathon, and it hurt!  To be fair, a certain amount of pain is expected but good grief!  My joints and calves hurt more than they should have after 10 miles.  Saturday I could barely walk and had flashbacks to the Greenline Half 2 weeks ago (yes, I know I still haven’t done a race report but it’s coming).  I was unusually sore after it, but I attributed that to the hot bath I took later that day (which is totally the wrong thing to do).

So after my 10-miler I felt so lousy I wasn’t sure I ever wanted to run again.  Saturday morning there I was, going through in my head everything I had eaten and had to drink the day before and the day of, desperately trying to figure out what I had done wrong.  As I massaged my legs, I thought to myself, “It’s almost like my shoes are worn out.”  What?!  The SHOES???!!!  No!  I’ve only had them for a little over two months, and they only have about 100 miles on them.  Also, I ONLY use them for running.  Running shoes should last 6 months or 300-500 miles.  So, it couldn’t be the shoes, right?

I gave them a good once-over.  I didn’t find any noticeable wear, but I did recall my local running store told me once you can’t really go by that.  They told me what I really should be looking at is the bend in the rubber.  Shoes with life left will not bend with normal force.  Worn out shoes will bend fairly easily.  So, I gave it the good ol’ bend test.

They aren't supposed to do this.

They aren’t supposed to do this.

Sure enough, there was bendage.

What was a girl to do?  It was two weeks before my next half, no more long runs left, and not enough short runs left to get used to different shoes.  Surely I could get two more weeks out of them.  SURELY!  I tried to put it out of my head.  No matter how hard I tried, I could not stop thinking about how much pain I was in after 10 miles.  How was I going to get through 3.1 more?  So off to the running store I went.

Sure enough!  The verdict was I had worn them out.

They REALLY aren't supposed to do this.

They REALLY aren’t supposed to do this.

I still don’t know how that happened but the guy at the store said he definitely wouldn’t recommend running a half in them.  Luckily, because they are only a couple of months old, they are still a current model.  So, I got another pair of the exact same shoes, Mizuno Wave Inspire 9, only in pink this time.

Pink Mizunos!

Pink Mizunos!

Here’s hoping they feel pretty much the same as my others.  I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.

Have you ever had running shoes wear out prematurely?

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