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Influenster Spring Fling Vox Box

on July 9, 2014

I recently received a box of products from Influenster free for testing purposes that they called the Spring Fling Vox Box.  I love getting vox boxes from Influenster because it’s like a little bit of Christmas!  Influenster is a company that rewards members who have social media influence by connecting them with brands and products to try for free.  It’s free to join and you never know what you’ll get or when you’ll be selected for a box so the anticipation makes it that much more fun!



This particular box had several things I was excited to try.

Spring Vox Box Contents

Spring Vox Box Contents

  • Rimmel London Retro Glam Mascara–I loved this product!  I use mascara everyday, and I’m usually not picky as to what brand.  I really only have 2 needs:  that it not smudge and give me “raccoon eyes” throughout the day, and that it not flake and get in my eyes.  This met both of those needs and I loved the applicator!  It was long and fluffy, so I could easily apply the product quickly.  The “fluff” aspect of it kept my lashes separated during application. 
    After I applied the Rimmel London Retro Glam mascara

    After I applied the Rimmel London Retro Glam mascara

    I will definitely get this again.  I saw that it also comes in a waterproof variety, too.  I will be getting that one for when I’m running.  It’s less than half the cost of the waterproof mascara I currently use for running so, bonus!

  • Nivea Skin Firming Lotion–This is another product I was excited to try.  I’m approaching a new decade so my skin is not getting any younger.  The timing of this could not be more perfect!  Right away, I noticed the light fragrance and feel.  This is a body lotion and not a face lotion.  While my skin did feel more supple where I applied the product, I don’t think you should expect any miracles.  Still, it is something I would consider purchasing in the future.
  • Kiss Everlasting Manicure–At first glance, these looked like the press on nails of the 80s and 90s.  However, they are more along the lines of artificial nails you can get in a professional salon.  There were lots of different sizes included in the package so finding the right size to fit your nails would not be a problem.  When I read the directions, one thing that caught my attention is the process for removal.  Similar to salon nails, you have to file the artificial nail down to get it as thin as possible, then soak your nails in acetone until the product basically melts off.  I admit I did not use this product for this reason.  My nails are long enough to not need artificial nails.  Also, my nails are kind of thin and brittle, and acetone basically kills them.  It would take months for my natural nails to recover from that so I passed.  I will be giving this product to a friend, though.
  • Labor Day Movie hanging air freshener–This was a promo item to promote the movie Labor Day.  It was released on DVD during this vox box campaign, and promoting the movie was part of it.  I haven’t seen the movie yet but I intend to.  The reviews look really cute.  It stars Josh Brolin and Kate Winslet so I’m curious about their chemistry.
  • Playtex Sport Tampons–What can I say about this?  Tampons aren’t very exciting.  They got the job done, but there is no way I will ever be excited about feminine hygiene, unless it comes with a trip to Hawaii or a new convertible.  Let’s face it, this isn’t going to happen so, it is what it is.

Some Influensters also received a Soft Lips Cube in their box to try, but I was not one of them.  I’ve never tried the product, either, so I can’t say anything about it other than it looks really cute.

I really enjoyed getting this box and trying the products, and I really love Influenster.  The mascara and the skin firming lotion were definitely my favorite products!  Did you get the Spring Fling Vox Box?  What was your favorite product?

Disclosure:  I received these products free from Influenster for testing purposes.  I was not required to write this post, and other than the free products, I’ve received no compensation.  As always, my opinions are my own.

Congratulations to Becky Ginther for winning the headband from RUNway Gear!

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