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The Fitness Games App Review

on November 6, 2014
The Fitness Games and Sweat Pink

The Fitness Games and Sweat Pink

Through a partnership with Sweat Pink, I recently was given the opportunity to try and review The Fitness Games app.  This app is available for iPhone users and uses the power of social media to help keep yourself motivated.  Inside the app, you have the ability to challenge other users or accept challenges from other users.  After each of you complete a workout, a winner is declared, usually based on who finishes the workout with the fastest time.  There are a number of different workouts available so boredom is not an issue.  The workouts are also categorized based on fitness level so it works for novices and fitness experts alike.  After I downloaded the free app, I was to be upgraded to the platinum version at no cost to me for the purpose of this review.  I honestly could not tell the difference in the 2 versions so I’m not sure if I really was upgraded or if they are just that similar. 

The Fitness Games

The Fitness Games

This app works best if you use it with friends.  I did challenge a few Sweat Pink users but as far as I could tell, my challenges were not accepted.  So, I really wasn’t able to test this app with other users.  However, I still really enjoyed using it.  The real benefit of the app for me was the tutorials.  When I first looked at the workouts, I was a bit intimidated.  The majority of my exercise comes from running or DVDs.  I have ventured to weight machines in the past but other than that, I’m pretty much in the dark.  What’s a Superman?  I read the workouts and immediately thought I would never be able to figure them out.  To my delight, I discovered short video clips showing the correct way to do the exercises, right inside the app.  I learned all kinds of new moves, things I had never heard of and things I had heard of but just didn’t have a clue what it was, like the aforementioned Superman.

The Fitness Games App is available in the app store for iPhone users.

The Fitness Games App is available in the app store for iPhone users.

I think the app is great for cross training, and I can see how it would be really fun with friends.  I’m sure all fitness enthusiasts can find something they will love in this app.  If you are an iPhone user, you can find it in the app store.  Check it out and challenge me to a workout!

Disclosure: I received the platinum version (I think) of The Fitness Games for free to review through a partnership with Sweat Pink.  As always, all opinions are my own.

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