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To Do Rock and Roll Nashville or Not

on February 18, 2014

To do Rock and Roll Nashville or not, that is the question.  If you recall back in December when the Memphis St. Jude Marathon Weekend was cancelled (I was registered for the half) we were given an option of registering for one of three upcoming Rock and Roll events in lieu of a refund.  I chose to register for Nashville.  Fast forward 2 months and now I’m having second thoughts.  Let’s go through the pros and cons and hopefully I can make a decision once and for all.

Rock and Roll Nashville

Rock and Roll Nashville


  1. It’s a race that’s always been on my radar and it’s unlikely I’ll ever get another opportunity to participate without paying a registration fee again.
  2. I’ve heard so many great things about this race.  Local spectator support is supposed to be second to none.
  3. There are country music bands at each mile marker.
  4. It’s a destination race within driving distance.
  5. My sister and her family live there. (Whether or not they would come out to support me is unknown at this point but it’s nice to know I have family nearby.)
  6. It’s a goal to work toward that would get me back on a training plan, which is always good for my personal fitness.
  7. Training weather should be great.
  8. Race weather should be great as well.
  9. runDisney usually is there, and they give out pretty sweet sling bags if you register for one of their races.  I’m planning on going back for Wine and Dine weekend this year.  While I’ll already be registered for the half by then, I plan to do the 5k and can register for that then.
  10. I’ve never done a Rock and Roll event, and it would be an opportunity to try one out.


  1. I would have to board my dog for yet another weekend trip.
  2. Hotel rooms are pretty outrageous in downtown Nashville for that weekend.  (I already have one booked, and I’m still suffering from sticker shock.)
  3. Hills!  Oh the hills!  I don’t have access to hills here in Memphis to train on that would even come close to the hills on that race course.
  4. For some reason even though it’s a random weekend in April, three people in my office want that Friday off.  Only one of us can have it and since I’m the manager I get to decide.  I feel guilty taking it away from someone else.
  5. I would have to get on the training pretty immediately since I haven’t run since the Minnie 10k.
  6. I’m not sure my heart is in it.  This is probably the biggest con.  If I’m going to spend that much for a race weekend, I feel like I need to be excited about it.  For some reason, I’m not.

So, what do you think?  Should I do it or not?  I probably need to decide this week.  I’m open to any and all thoughts.

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2 responses to “To Do Rock and Roll Nashville or Not

  1. You can probably guess my vote 🙂 I hope you’ll decide to come! I actually wrote a post for RNR about training for hills just yesterday; I’m adding some hill training to my schedule because those hills are for real!!!

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